Skapar framgång och bygger broar

Dubai World Economic Forum

I will  Co-Chair the Global Future Council on Mobility. Now it´s time to start the work.

The Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils, taking place on 13-14 November in Dubai, is the inaugural gathering of the World Economic Forum’s newly formed Network of the Global Future Councils. It brings together more than 700 of its members, who are thought leaders from business, government, civil society and academia.

The scale and complexity of the challenges facing the world, as well as the opportunities enabled by breakthrough technologies, demand integrated thinking and a concerted effort to equip leaders with the knowledge they need to effectively shape the future.

For this reason, the World Economic Forum has initiated the Network of the Global Future Councils, composed of the world’s leading experts. These councils are mandated to explore systemic change in key areas such as energy, mobility and infrastructure, while reflecting on the impact of technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other areas related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The meeting will create an interactive experience that will allow council members to challenge conventional siloed thinking and develop innovative solutions for the most pressing global challenges by looking into the future through structured visioning and scenario work.